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"I’ve been telling the nation’s stories for three decades.

Now it's time to tell mine."

When I was a kid, I often got in trouble for being a little too curious. Like that time I wondered if the taffy recipe in my storybook would taste as good as it looked. So I mixed all the ingredients in a plastic cup, set it on the gas burner and... fortunately I'm still here to tell the story!

Curiosity has served me well as a reporter. I have a million questions about how things work and why people do what they do. I work in Washington, covering government and politics - a great place to ask questions!

I've learned that talking to people and learning new things energizes me. That's great for reporting - but really annoying if you're my kid... at the grocery store ("Do you even know that lady?")… after church or a PTA meeting ("Mooommm! Come ON!")... or pretty much anywhere. Striking up a conversation is my hobby. I'm also a mom, a church volunteer and a PTA leader.

I love learning about what makes people tick: your family, your passions, your fears, your ideas, your challenges, your goals. Over the years, my hobby and my profession have taught me a lot about other people. But there's one person who remained a bit of an enigma:


I've spent the last few years studying myself. Besides family, I’ve learned that three things make me happy and fulfilled:

  • motivating and inspiring people

  • connecting people with common interests

  • fighting for good.

That last one sounds a lot like "advocacy," which seems strange for a reporter who’s supposed to stay objectively on the sidelines. But through my work with children and families I realized that I don’t just want to tell stories; I want to help make good stories happen.

I draw the line to carefully avoid opinions and advocacy about people and events I cover so you can trust my reporting. But outside Capitol Hill, I’m eager to engage! I'm also re-discovering the power of storytelling off-screen as I use my communication skills to elevate the people and issues that matter most. 

This journey discovering my passions is so much fun. Come with me and discover yours too!

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